We are your home away from home. Come on over to eat, shmooze and learn about your Jewish heritage. Our door is open for you to ask, explore, experience and most of all enjoy.




The philosophy is to be inclusive of all Jews, regardless of their background. With over 4,000 emissaries around the globe
and over 200 branches on U.S. college campuses, Chabad is the largest Jewish outreach organization in the world today.


Chabad of Hamilton, although having a presence for many years, opened its doors in the fall of 2015 with social, educational, recreational and religious programming for students and faculty. Chabad is a home where all Jews are welcome no matter the affiliation, denomination or lifestyle. We give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of your Jewish heritage. Most importantly, Chabad is a place where being Jewish is fun.



Rabbi Shmuly and Chaya Haskelevich and their three children, Chaim Yona, Mussia and Motti Leah moved to Hamilton, NY, to establish a Chabad Center to serve the Jewish community of Colgate University and Madison County. Many blessings have come their way since then, including the addition of Henya to the family!


Everything you do is better when done in great company. Chabad is a great place for you to make new friends and hangout with old ones. Celebrate your religion and culture, or enjoy social time, with other awesome people! Our commitment is to making every person feel welcome and comfortable. Come in and see for yourself.


Chabad of Hamilton is 100% supported by alumnae/i, parents, and friends. Your gift makes it possible to give students a warm, open and welcoming Jewish Home away from home.

Together, we can foster a vibrant Jewish campus culture!


Partner with Chabad and Help Build a
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